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MybringDesign System

Mybring Design System

Mybring provides logistics and warehousing management for Bring customers. This is the design system to help build interfaces and documentation for its web apps and APIs.

Following the interface checklist would be a good place to start!

Principles and guidelines

The foundations for making interfaces in Mybring. Based on modern code practices, national standards and accessibility principles, it helps with things like responsiveness, navigation and layout.


Basic CSS classes for controlling the behaviour of HTML elements and details such as spacing, flexbox and font properties.


Combined HTML elements and CSS properties serving as building blocks and starting points for making interface parts. By combining utility classes and specific CSS, we can make components like buttons, inputs and tables.

Patterns and examples

Patterns that can serve as starting points for new ones. Examples that are too complex or yet undefined to put in one specific page, but might be made into components if their reusability value increases.